Swapping Trains

With some of the recent actions by the Pine Bluff Corridor Managers, I wanted to clarify the issues of swapping trains on line of road.

When you are called and have not departed the terminal, there is no issue with being swapped.

The scenarios we are seeing are that the organization takes exception to are:

1.     1.  

After departing the terminal and the Dispatcher or Corridor Manager instruct you to pull up alongside another train and swap, regardless of the reason.

2.    2. 

Your train has reached the final terminal/destination and the crew was instructed to take charge of another train and yard/deliver that additional train (i.e., Labadie or Iron Mountain).

3.    3. 

The crew is instructed to tie their train down on line of road and get in a van, and deadhead either direction on the line to take another train on to the destination.

In each of these situations, a claim should be filed for an HOS – Work not in connection with your assignment (Claim Language Below). Additionally, if your trip falls into scenarios 2 or 3, you need to immediately gather the details and email them to your Local Chairman for additional handling. You still need to file a claim in all three instances.

For these claims to be valid, there needs to be rested crews on either the protecting extra board and/or the regular pool at either the home or away from home terminal. If there is a crew rested at either location, these are good claims.

When you encounter these situations, the documentation needed would be the BU of your train and the additional train you took charge of, a snapshot showing the rested crews, and an accurate FRA report filled by you.


Claim Language-

Claiming a basic day’s pay account being instructed by MANGER or DISPATCHERS NAME to swap/Tie my train down at LOCATION and take charge of TRAIN and deliver it to LOCATION.


Claiming a basic day’s pay account being instructed by MANGER or DISPATCHERS NAME to take charge of TRAIN at LOCATION after reaching the destination terminal of TRAIN.