Hub Meeting follow up

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) -  A member of our Hub came to me with a letter he received from our insurance carrier that his adult child was dropped from the Vision and Dental portion of his insurance. He also explained to me that his adult child is no longer a full-time student. Upon research and contacting the National Division, we learned this is correct. Under the ACA, the Dental and Vision plans were not modified. Therefore, they are still under the "old" definition of Dependents. Which is coverage up to age 19 then from age 19 - 25, but only if they are full-time students and can prove as such.


P2P - For those who are not familiar, this is a new program the UP is rolling out. It has not made it to STL. However, if you look under the EQMS portion of your portal, you will see a create P2P event and a review portion. This program has many unknowns, and until we have the program rolled out and explained to us, we are not participating.


Dexter Crew Change - They will now allow crew change at the depot. Look for more instructions on this. As it appears for now, if the outbound crew is on duty and ready, you can pull down to the depot.


UTV at Dupo - I have spoken with Doug Garton on using the UTV, and his position is that they are only to be used by Yard Crews for Yard Service work. They are not to be used by road crews nor for transporting road crews. If this happens, let me know so I can follow up.