Claim Language

Extra Board Claim

Engineer (your name) claims 130-mile basic day account (Circ-7) (board) extra board was not manned sufficiently per Attachment “B” of Memorandum of Agreement dated March 28, 1989, as modified and amended by Modification of Guaranteed Road Extra Board Agreement dated June 6, 1996, and Letters of Understanding dated October 22, 1997, Guaranteed Extra Board Settlement dated May 3, 2019, and other applicable Agreements.  This claim is for the date of (date of claim).

Pool Regulation

Engineer (your name) claims 130 mile basic day account (Circ-7) (board) pool board was not regulated correctly per Standing Bid, Temporary Lodging, & Pool Freight Regulation Agreement dated June 19, 2015, specifically Agreement No 3. Article I (A)(1)(c).  This claim is for the date (date of claim)