Vacation 2021

Brothers and Sisters,


It is that time of the year again, I would like to begin by reminding everyone that Craft Lock-in date is still November 15. On this day your craft will be assigned.


I would like everyone to remember that we are scheduling vacations the same way across all Divisions. The first split of your first choice will be honored and the remainder of your request will be set aside until all other requests are handled.


Vacation request are due by the 1st of December.


Attached is a pdf form for you to fill out and place in a Division box, you may also email your request to your local chairman or to the vacation grouping email. If you choose the latter I URGE YOU to remember to include your NAME EMPLOYEE ID AND A PHONE NUMBER.


There is no need to submit multiple requests to different chairman, we schedule vacations together.  Just one request to your Chairman or the Chairman over the Division your working is all that’s needed.


Last year it was requested to make the form "Fillable" so that you can fill the form out on your phone or tablet and email it to your Local Chairman. That has been done for your convenience.


The blank PDF as well at the fillable form version will be attached to this email as well as on the hub website.


Any request placed into CMTS will not be accepted. Those who do not submit a request will be scheduled last.


Any questions, please contact your Local Chairman. 




File attachments: