HP Update



   I have been asked to clarify a few things with HP status and COVID Quarantine.


Per the UP Notice sent out in March, which can be found on the UP Web Site:



The only way you can be compensated is if you are quarantined by a local health department personal or UP HMS Personal because you worked with a coworker who tested positive with COVID.


You are only able to collect the 14 day payment one time, you are not able to at this time to receive payment if you are quarantined multiple times.


When you are quarantined or placed into HP status. CMS DOES NOT receive any notification of your status change. We are monitoring the boards as best we can to backfill these positions. If you are only going to be HP for a few days reach out to the Local Chairman over that Division and let them know.


Likewise when you markup, CMS DOES NOT get any notification of your status change. When you are placed into OK status and you have been placed on the bump board the time UP HMS puts you into OK status is when your 48 hours begins. Do not let it run out. 


If there are any questions feel free to contact myself or your local chairman.