Hours of Service & Turn-around Service

Hours of Service & Turn-around Service

Article 4 k. of the Mop Upper Lines Agreement states:

k. Engineers in pool or irregular freight service may be called to make short trips and turn-arounds with the understanding that one or more turn-around trips may be started out of the same terminal, and paid actual miles with a minimum of 100 miles for a day, provided:


(1) that the mileage of all the trips does not exceed 100 miles


(2) that the distance run from the terminal to the turning point does not exceed 25 miles


(3) that engineers shall not be required to begin work on a succeeding trip out of the initial terminal after having been on duty eight consecutive hours, except as a new day, subject to the first-in, first-out rule or practice.


This does not apply to a regular freight pool engineer, as the 2009 HOS LOU allows for the additional trip rate payment.

With this language, if you are instructed to violate any of the three points of this paragraph, you are entitled to a basic day for violation of A. 4(k).

Please take note and file the claims accordingly, the language to use should be:

Claiming a basic day, due to a violation of A. 4(k). I was instructed by (Company Officers Name) to (Include a brief description of the work performed).

Be sure to include your tie-up information along with any other supporting documents to your Local Chairman for processing.



Brian Young