COVID-19 Update

Brothers and Sisters, 

   We just got off a conference call concerning COVID-19,
The General Chairman are having daily conference calls with senior management on the developments on our property. As this information comes out to us I will be posting it on the Hub Web Site. 
The carrier is working to get Bleach water on all of the lead locomotives and then supply all locomotives in the fleet with a bleach solution for sanitation. 
If you are feeling the symptoms of COVID-19 you are urged to contact the OHN (number are on the attached document) if you are at the away from home terminal contact CMS and then the OHN. 
The carrier is working on a tie up process where we would be able to tie up on our phone to limit exposures in the crew rooms. 
Managers are following up with the Hotels and the Contracted Van companies to ensure they are doing what needs to be done to sanitize the various environments. 
UP has a COVID-19 web site for information as it comes out, this site has the OHN numbers and resources. 
If you have questions please contact your Local Chairman. 


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