GXB Update

   As most of you are aware we have been dealing with programming issues on the extra boards, mostly when it comes to supplementing boards and how the mileage is handled. 
We had a sit down with Labor Relations and CMS this week to discuss the regulation of these miles along with some other programming issues with the GXB, here is an update. 
- When an extra board employee in some instances (depending on how the call was built) was called for HOS relief or Work train service, the mileage was routed to the ZZZ mile category of the board. This issue has been resolved, the mileage is accurately being accounted for. 
- When an extra board employee was temping a job (Old-heading) the extra board was only being credited for partial miles. This issue has also been resolved. 
- Supplementing board mileage, this is a complex issue on the programming side, CMS is aware of the issue and is going to work with us on finding a resolution to this. I will keep everyone updated on the outcome. I expect to hear more on this in the next week. 
- The issue of rotation was brought up as well, as to why in some instances the first out man is not properly rotated, CMS is going to look into the programming and correct. 
- Free Days Status was discussed, we are attempting to get this status on EAMS, Due to the complex "rules" of a FD they are going to leave this with the callers for now. We are going to follow up on this as well.