Interchange at Roselake

On August 26, 2019 the carrier served notice on a change of interchange locations at Roselake, to include locations east of HN Cabin.

       We responded to that notice advising the carrier that we had objections to this unilateral change in the interchange limits and outlined our objections.

       On September 6, 2019 Labor Relations sent a revision of the designated interchange tracks at Roselake to include only the Roselake Yard up to the East Switch of the yard “HN Cabin”.

       If you have in the past 60 days been forced to go east of Roselake Inbound or Outbound. I ask that you modify that timeslip to include “Running off Seniority District” if this claim is declined, turn it in to your local chairman for processing in the claims handling process.

       If you are instructed to travel beyond HN Cabin, I ask that you let your Local Chairman know and as well file the claim for “Running off your seniority District”. If you are not qualified be sure to request a pilot if you are instructed to travel beyond HN Cabin.

Remember the CSX Operates under a different set of Rules!