GXB Free Day issue


The Term Free Day (FD) is something CMS & Timekeeping came up with in order to separate the layoff and pay issues of Section 4 of the GXB Agreement (attached below). This is not in line with the language of the agreement. We have been working with Labor Relations to have the agreement applied correctly. 

In the meantime, if you are on the GXB the entire half and take any 24-hour period regardless of status, and more than the bonus day is reduced from your guarantee you need to file the attached claim. The following provision must be met: 


 At the time of the layoff the engineer must be other than first out.


The layoff must be taken at any time commencing 12:01 AM Monday and concluded by 11:59 PM Thursday.


The layoff cannot exceed 24 hours.

The main issue with how CMS is applying the agreement is, they are denying the “FD” status based on the needs of manpower. There is nothing in Section 4 that refers to the need of manpower.

We are working with Labor Relations to get the “FD” Status on the EAMS system and where the only way the request of layoff can be denied is if its not inline with the provisions above. Until this happens File the below claim accordingly.



Free Day Claim


Claim One Day of Guarantee account, I was on the (Circ and Board) the entire half from (Beginning date of half) to (Ending date of half) only had one layoff period during this time. This layoff falls into the “Free Day” provision of the Guaranteed Extra Board Agreement, Section 4.



File attachments: 
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