Six Axle Restrictions




Lately, there has been several seniority moves made by conductors and engineers. This could mean working a yard job, a local, or doing work at location you may not be familiar with. There are several locations that are restricted to only four axle locomotives. Take the time during your job briefings to review these locations. Many of these locations cannot handle a six axle locomotive due to track curvature or rail conditions. Six axle locomotive restrictions can be found in the following reference material. 


Timetable Subdivision page and Subdivision General Orders

SI-11 Industrial Leads

SI-14 Miscellaneous Instructions


Superintendent Bulletins

Category 2-Site Specific 

Category 2A-Site Specific


Below are couple of examples of when it would be important to know these restrictions.


If you are working the LSE57 and are going to service Dow Chemical at Riverside, then you must have a 4 axle in your consist. You would find this information in SI-14 Miscellaneous Instructions on the Desoto Subdivision Timetable page. Also, note that while servicing the industry, you can only have one four axle on line.


There is another scenario you could possibly encounter at Riverside. This would be with the transfer of blocks between the LSH08 and LSE57. If while working the LSE57 and you did not have to service Dow, you may have only brought SD40’s with you to do your work. This would be perfectly acceptable, because the four axle restriction at Desoto and Riverside do not apply to the siding. While waiting at a Riverside for the LSH08, they stall pulling up the hill into Riverside while on the St. Genevieve Industrial Lead. Although you may want to go help pull them up the hill, you cannot. The only solution is for them to double the hill. This is because the St. Genevieve Industrial Lead is restricted to only being able use 4 axle locomotives.


There are two locations on the Jefferson Subdivision to be aware of. One location is Lake Industrial Lead at milepost 8.4. If you were on a train and the dispatcher asked you to pick up what the LSE59 left there, you could not if all you had in your consist were six axle locomotives.


Another location on the Jefferson Subdivision is at milepost 126, the Bagnell Industrial Lead, off of main track two at Jefferson City. No six axles are allowed beyond Industrial Drive. The means that you cannot use a six axle locomotive to service any of the customers located on the Industrial Lead west of that road. However, you can use the Industrial Lead to wye your consist if needed, six axles included, as long as you do not go beyond Industrial Drive.


These are only a couple of the many locations with six axle restrictions. Take the time to review Timetable Instructions and Superintendent Bulletins for locations that you service so that you don’t place yourself or your crew into a compromising situation.