Jeff City and Dexter Hotel info


   The Local Chairman met with the UP Lodging Department as well as the new General Manager at the Jeff City Hotel, the Managing Director and the Director of Operations for Aimbridge Hospitality (The Group that owns the old Oaktree Locations)  .
At the Jefferson City Location there was a lot of talk about the insects and spiders, during the inspection they found 3 spiders and captured them to show Orkin. In the past few months they have a new program and new products they are bringing in to tackle the spiders. The big take away from this is if you find a bug in your room to immediately report this to the front desk, if you would like a new room they will provide it. Once a room is reported it is taken out of service and fumigated. Orkin is contracted at all of their properties for once a month fumigation, they spray 1/3 of the rooms, this way each room is sprayed and inspected once a quarter. 
They overall cleanliness was brought up and they agreed the quarterly "Deep Cleaning" and Maintenance has lacked. The new GM is tasked to improve that. He seams to be a "Fixer" for the hotel and travels to the problem spots. So hopefully he can help. 
Security at the Jeff City Location, the doors are going to be locked from sunset to sunrise including the front door. Starting next Monday if not sooner, after dark you will have to be buzzed into the facility, this will hopefully help keep some of the problems away. They are also looking to change the rates for the general public to hopefully keep some of the problems away on the other front. 
Some Changes coming to Jeff City and Dexter, when you check in they are going to begin having us sign a registration card, this is simply another backup for them to verify who is in what room. If you are going to have a wait for a room there is going to be a log book we are going to have to sign as well, this is all for tracking purposes. 
They are also asking everyone to notify the front desk upon checkout. 
There is also going to be a Maintenance Request Form that is going to be left in all rooms, if you have an issue regardless of the issue, Dirty room to a leaking faucet, bad pillows or uncomfortable bed, fill this form out. I am asking you to take a picture of it and text it to your Local Chairman and turn the slip into the front desk.