Dropped Turns and GXB Regulation - 11 Million Dollar Settlement



    There have been some changes made to the Guaranteed Extra Board Regulation as well as how vacancies are handled in the pools.


 Guaranteed Extra Board Regulation-


     For the past 21 years our General Committee has been in dispute with the carrier over the regulation of the Extra Board's. With the amount of time claims and countless disputes this issue has gone to arbitration. The resolution has been a 11 million dollar payment for the outstanding time claims, along with that a settled arrangement on how the Extra Boards are to be regulated:


  • They will be regulated at 3200 miles on a 20 day look back.


  • 60% of Z miles will be used in the calculation.



Dropped Turns-


    When there is a vacancy in the pool and the Primary and Secondary Extra Boards are exhausted, the turn will be dropped. No more stepping up or all day/night phone calls. Once the turn is dropped the second out engineer will be paid an additional half days pay for the dropped turn.


   We  working to have this added to the available claims selection on your tie up.


There is also now a 12 hour minimum layoff for the regular pool along with the extra board, regardless of the status.


The 11 million dollars is payable only to our General Committee, to those who have put in the claims for Extra Board Regulation and Dropped turns that have already been declined by Timekeeping and are in the claims handling process.






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