Violations of FRA Regulations



  In response to President Pierces letter concerning:


             If a crew is ordered to exceed their permissible Hours of Service, they should avoid putting themselves in a position where they could be subject to charges of insubordination. Rather, the date and time the order was received, and the identity of the Carrier official giving the order, should be documented. All suspected Hours of Service violations should be reported, in writing, to the member's Division Legislative Representative, who will forward the reports to the applicable State Legislative Board Chairman for handling with FRA. The SLBCs for the states identified in the Carrier's initial waiver request are copied hereon for their information.

•             The same process should be used in the following circumstances:

o             when ordered to operate beyond their territorial qualifications;

o             when working with a pilot who is operating beyond their territorial qualifications; and

o             whenever ordered to omit a required brake test, or ordered to perform an alternate, less detailed brake test.


All WORKING Engineers are encouraged to take these notes, if required under the circumstances listed above and forward them to one of the respective Legislative Representatives below.


Missouri – Mike McGill – Email – [email protected] Cell – 573-421-0246  

Illinois – Victor Crivilare – Email – [email protected]  Cell – 217-663-2292


If you are unable to get ahold of one of the above Legislative Reps, feel free to send the information to me for further handling.


Brian Young – Email – [email protected]