Deadheading By Train

A situation that is happening more and more is Deadheading by train. If you are instructed to deadhead by train this is the claim language to use. Below that I have included the agreement language for you to review. 


I was instructed to deadhead (from location) to (end location) on (train id) at (DH time) at the time of this request there was no emergency or circumstance that would make vehicle transportation impossible.   


STL HUB Article IV Section B:

3. Transportation: When a crew is required to report for duty or is relieved from duty at a point other than the on and off duty points fixed for the service established hereunder, the Carrier shall authorize and provide suitable transportation for the crew.

NOTE: Suitable transportation includes Carrier owned or provided passenger carrying motor vehicles or taxi but excludes other forms of public transportation. 

STL HUB, Side Letter 4:

This has reference to our negotiations covering the Merger Implementing Agreement entered this date between the Union Pacific Railroad Company, Southern Pacific Lines and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. During these negotiations, the Organization expressed concern that engineers who expire on the Hours of Service Law would not be transported in a timely manner to the destination terminal.

This will confirm the advice given to you, i.e., that when an engineer ties up on the Hours of Service before reaching the objective terminal, the Carrier will make every reasonable effort to relieve subject engineer and transport him to the tie up point, expeditiously. The Carrier recognized the interests of the railroad and its engineers are best served when a train reaches the final terminal within the hours of service. In the event this does not occur, the Carrier is committed to relieving that engineer and providing transportation as soon as practical. It is understood that this commitment contemplates transportation in the form of passenger vehicle, and engineers shall not be transported to the tie-up point after Hours of Service tie-ups by means of train except in case of emergency or extraordinary circumstances which make providing a vehicle impossible.