Terminal Limits


Terminal Limits of St. Louis are as follows: 


DeSoto Subdivision 10.8

Sedalia Subdivision 8.0   -  (Jefferson City Sub)

Chester Subdivision 9.16

Pana Subdivision 273.7

Springfield Subdivision 252.1


If you are called and instructed to get your train within these limits there is no additional compensation, however if you are instructed to get your train outside of these limits there is an out of Limits claim you are entitled to.




If you are called for Hours of Service Relief and the train within these limits, you are entitled to a Road/Yard Violation.




You can find copies of all of the terminal maps that show these limits along with the AFHT Maps on the UPRR web site go to DEPARTMENTS > FINANCE > PAYROLL/TIMEKEEPING > TE&Y REFERENCE MATERIAL > 25 MILE ZONE MAPS (you must be on a company machine)