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Red Zone Confirmation 

As most should already know, we are now allowed to use an agreed upon hand signal to obtain red zone protection. Safety Rule 81.5.4 is a Critical Rule. Some critical rules require violating a part of the rule, or something to happen before you can be charged with a violation. 81.5.4 does not have a qualifier, which means that not only not getting red zone protection can result in discipline, but even just not doing it properly can get you in trouble as well. This is why it is imperative to understand every part of the rule. 

When obtaining the red zone, it can be requested face to face, with an agreed upon hand signal, or over the radio. 

There are only two ways to confirm red zone protection. Either over the radio or whistle signal if a hand signal is used. It is important to note that it does say that you can confirm red zone protection has been established via face to face job briefing.

Common sense would tell you that if I can request red zone face to face, I should be able to confirm protection has been established face to face, but the does not allow for this. This is the part of the rule that I hear a lot of different takes on. I have heard this two different ways from managers and crews. I’m not sure what the intent was, or if this overlooked with the change that came out. Rather than go by what the intent is, I highly recommends complying with what the rule says. 

Releasing red zone protection may be done by radio, agreed upon hand signal, or face to face. The engineer can confirm release red zone protection with the radio, whistle signal when using a hand signal, or face to face.

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