Denny D’s Did You Know - Remote Control Zones

GCOR 6.7 Remote Control Zones

Part A - Entering Remote Control Zones


Before entering a remote control zone, you must determine whether or not the zone is active. Also, you cannot operate a switch within a remote control before determining whether or not it is active. If the zone is active, only the remote control operate can give you permission into the zone and permission to operate any switches. This is a critical rule.


Once a remote control is active and after the operator sweeps the zone, he does not have to protect the end with the locomotive. If you line a switch without permission he could unknowingly run through it. If you enter the zone without permission he could run into you. In both circumstances, you would be held responsible. 



It is important to keep up with changes in the subdivision general orders. For example, the zone limits at Lesperence Street are different than what the timetable shows. They actually extend down the switching leads also on the east side of the yard. If you get on a train that is sitting in track 14, don’t get ahead of yourself and line yourself out before determining the zone status, even if you don’t see a crew switching in the yard.

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