Denny D’s Did You Know- Securement

With us being one with Little Rock, I’ve been scanning through the newly issued superintendent bulletins for 2019. They have taken our site specific bulletins and crammed them all into one bulletin. One key bulletin I want to point out is #7 - Securement of Equipment. They most important part is that it specifically states that locomotives handbrakes do not count.


The St. Louis Superintendent bulletins are still in existence, but the Little Rock bulletins now have St. Louis info included in them as well. 


I read through the bulletin and there are a few parts in it pertaining to St. Louis, but the locations that were listed that said only two hand brakes are required are not listed. I highly recommended tying at least two cars down now in the 300 yard, East and West Auxiliary at Dupo, Cotton Belt 4, Airport Siding, and 1-6 Cotton Belt Yard. 


Go back to the ABTH securement rule. Tie down at least two cars, test them, reapply the brakes, secure the locomotives, fill out a securement sheet.



There is a common misconception that another additional release test of the locomotives is required. Securing Unattended Locomotives Rule 32.2.1 Step 6 says to comply with 32.1, which in a nutshell is tie the brakes and test, UNLESS COUPLED TO PREVIOUSLY TEESTED EQUIPMENT.