I have had many questions over the email about the UP Tax Refund, it is legit. Below is an explanation from Labor Relations and a sample of the packet you received. 

Hello All,

I've heard from both the Payroll and Tax Departments that they are getting calls about the information related to UP employee's tax refunds.  The refund opportunity is true.  UP sued the IRS and obtained a ruling that our employees were made to pay taxes on certain items, including ratification bonuses, that  the government had no right to collect.  The Court found that because the monies paid out were not "compensation" as the IRS considers it, several employees are entitled to a refund.  
I've attached a copy of the draft packet so that you may see what has been sent to many of your members.  More than 22,000 active employees will benefit from this refund. The instructions are clear and embedded in the information that employees will received today (or later if by U.S. mail). 

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