Reporting to work at call time


The Carrier is putting out instructions to their mangers to put anyone late for work in no-show status.  I know over time I have seen crew members go from showing up 30 minutes early to showing up 30 minutes late.  
It is incumbent on us as Union Representatives to make sure we inform our Members that the Carrier expects them to show up no later than their call time.  I believe this is the first step we are seeing of the precision railroading.  I completely understand that there are times unexpected problems arise, including but not limited to, mechanical problems, accidents, etc.  If our Members are chronically late we are going to have a hard time representing them on discipline.  
We need our Members to be aware of this expectation and to thoroughly document any reason for their inability to be on time for work.  I am afraid this is going to get ugly if we can't get our Members to show up on time ready to start their assignment.
I would suggest everyone have their assigned manager's phone number to call if they are having issues getting to work. 
We have a conference call set up with the other  BLET General Chairmen to discuss this problem to search for some solution.  I don't think the Carrier has the right to pull someone off their assignment and place them in no-show status for being 1 minute late because I would view that as discipline without an investigation.  However, as I understand the instructions to the field managers they intend to do just that. 
Help us get out the word.