Message from the G.C.


Kyle and I have been receiving calls from some of our Local Chairmen concerning agreement changes with regard to the UP precision railroading and the restructuring of their regions and service units. 
The UP organizational changes do not in any way affect our MOP Upper Lines CBA.
Any rumors you hear that say otherwise are not true.
Some of you will belong to different service units due  to this restructuring.  I will attach the newly realigned map of the UP Service Units and Regions.  As you can see there are now only 2 regions and fewer service units.  
We have not been given the names of all the new superintendents but we do know that Jerry Everett is no longer the Superintendent of the Little Rock Service Unit, he has been moved out West.  
On Monday several UP Company Officers were fired and/or forced to retire as the UP  continues to follow the "Hunter Harrison Model" to reduce their expenses. 
As information comes in regarding the restructuring of personnel we will keep you informed.  
Just make sure our Members understand that our agreements are all intact.