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Riding Over Crossings 


Did you know that when riding a locomotive over a crossing you cannot be on the steps. This means you must be all of the way up on the platform, not just off of the bottom step. 


81.7 B - Details when not to ride. The second to last last bullet covers riding overs crossings. The first part of the sentence says not to ride over a crossing on the sill step of equipment, the next part says engine steps. Notice that this does not state bottom step. Also, it is important to understand that this applies to any crossing, including those in the yard.


Another question that often comes up is when do I have to be on the ground and when can I ride across a crossing?


6.32.1 Details when to provide warning when shoving over a crossing. The rule is specifically titled CARS Shoved, or Kicked, or Dropped. The rules specifically states “cars” and does not apply to locomotives. Also, this rule applies to all crossings; public, private, field, and yard crossings. The exception is crossings used exclusively by railroad employees. If in doubt, be in the ground. 


If shoving cars over a crossing, you must be on the ground to provide warning. If the crossing has gates, you can ride across but you cannot be on the sill step. If you are riding a locomotive you can ride across any crossing but not on any of the steps. You must be all of the way up on the platform. 


If you have a crossing protection order that requires you to be on the ground to provide warning, then you must be on the ground regardless of the crossing type, locomotive or car.


Twice in my career I have had someone run into to side of my cut of cars while switching. Once, one of my coworkers was knocked of a car that was struck as he was riding a shove over a crossing. Had he been on the sill step, he would’ve undoubtedly been crushed. 



Non compliance with 81.7 is handled as a Critical Rule violation. It is important to understand and follow not just for rules compliance, but for your own personal safety as well. 

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