Nomination Meeting Results

09.12.18 Nomination Meeting Results  


This was our nomination meeting for the upcoming term. All positions with only one name represented were elected by acclimation. The positions of Vice President and Legislative Rep were contested, we will have an election to fill those two spots.

President - Jim Pedro

Vice President – Steve Poole & Ed Granger

Secretary - Treasurer - Chris Hale

Alt S/T - Brad Meers

Guide – Jeff Moeckli

Chaplin - Alan Tinker

Delegate to ND - Brian Young

1st Alt - Jeff Malone

2nd Alt - Brad Meers

Legislative Rep – Matt Bonagurio & Steve Poole

Alt - Brian Young

Local Chairman - Brian Young

1st vice - Jeff Malone

2nd vice - Brad Meers

3rd vice - Phil Spinks

Trustee - Jeff Malone

Trustee - Phil Spinks

Trustee – Jeff Moeckli

1st Alt Trustee - Matt Bonagurio  

2nd Alt Trustee – Mike D Allen

3rd Alt Trustee - John Bullock Jr