Denny D’s Did You Know GCOR 1.47.2

With all of the new hires, borrow outs, and FIT’s out here I thought that a reminder of GCOR 1.47.2 would be appropriate. 


GCOR 1.47.2 Training and Familiarization 


Employees assigned to a position for the purpose of training or familiarization must be under the direct and immediate supervision of a qualified employee at all times. The qualified employee must closely monitor the employee's performance and must be in a position to take immediate action as necessary. Any employee requiring certification must have a current certificate in his possession.


The part that I wanted to focus on is the first two sentences of the rule. Notice that this applies not only to new hires assigned to you, but also someone assigned to the job for familiarization. This could be someone you are piloting or conductor on the AWRR board working with you. For example, if you have a borrow out working with you as a COT to learn the territory, you cannot use him a brakeman or send him up on the lead by himself to line switches. Even though he he his fully certified and may even have a lot of time on the railroad, more than you possibly, by this rule he must be under your direct supervision and you must be in a position to take immediate action as necessary.


Many of the students I taught I now get the pleasure of working with. Some of them are even now my boss. Whenever I see or here of them doing a good job I have a great sense of personal pride in seeing them succeed. With that said remember what it was like when you started out here. Have patience with the new hires and FITs, take the time to teach them. Your career, livelihood, and safety may very well be in that persons hands tomorrow.