Denny D’s Did You Know

Safety Stops and Locomotives


Did you know that a safety stop is not required when making a coupling with light locomotives. 


The safety stop requirement is in Superintendent Bulletin 37 - Train Handling and Switching. I’ve heard people say it’s only not required if it’s just one locomotive. The exception says that a safety stop is not required when operating light locomotives to a coupling. Notice that locomotive exception is plural.


It is also permissible to ride a locomotive to a coupling. Safety Rule 81.13 says not to ride “cars” to a coupling. The first part of the rule says that local instructions may be issued requiring a stop before a coupling is made, and employees riding locomotives to dismount prior to coupling. Our local instruction requires a safety stop with cars only and does not require you to be on the ground when making a coupling with a locomotive.


I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding of the safety stop requirement. 


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