PTC and Davis Jct.

PTC and Davis Jct. 


Be sure to check your messages on MYUP. There’s a one pager in there about how to get by Davis Jct. southbound off of the Lesperence Industrial Lead. 


At Davis Jct. there are a couple rules that come into play. 9.17 - Entering the Main Track at a Hand Operated Switch and 8.9.3 Part B - Hand Operation of a Spring Switch Before Making a Trailing Movement.


GCOR 9.17 details the process for entering the main track at a hand operated switch and Part B details the exceptions to when waiting 5 minutes or hand operating a spring switch would not be required. With PTC, even though you may have a restricting signal to enter the main, you will still have to wait the 5 minutes. You do not have to hand operate the spring switch or get any type of authority to pass the signal . If you have your track warrant, simply select the track you’re on and wait 5 minutes. You will need to be fairly close to the signal within 1,500 feet, but you do not need to pull closer than 400 feet. This is giving time to wake up the PTC system. After the wait, the red hash beyond the switch will go away and then you can go. Do not take it upon yourself do a soft cut-out to bypass the process. You cannot do this on your own without authority from the dispatcher. 


There is one more critical part of the process not to forget if after waiting the 5 minutes and the red hash has gone way. If you do not meet one of the exceptions to hand operating the switch and waiting the 5 minutes, PTC does not relieve you of this. You must still go through the process. Remember with TWC/ABS, trains going the same directions can have the exact same limits. If you do not follow the process correctly, you could end up entering the main in front a train with limits from Iron Mountain Jct. to Barracks’s.


If you do not meet one of the exceptions to hand operating the switch or waiting the 5 minutes you have to look at 8.9.3 B. The process for establishing block signal protection with a spring switch is a little different. For example, let’s say you have a track warrant to enter the main at Davis Jct. with Box 3, Proceed from Davis Jct. to Barracks. As you approach Davis you see that the signal to enter the main is a Stop Indication. If you do not meet any of the exceptions listed in 9.17, this would be the process. In this case you do not need to call the dispatcher because he has no control of the signal. You simply stop short of the signal, walk up and line the switch for your movement, and wait 5 minutes while standing at the switch. After the 5 minute wait and the red hash is gone from your PTC screen, pull the engine beyond the signal but not the switch, line the spring switch back normal and proceed at restricted speed to the next signal.


Let’s say you come up to Davis Jct. with a proceed track warrant, same limits, and the signal is a restricting. Although normally you would not have to wait the 5 minutes, PTC will still make you wait. In this example you would not have to hand operate the switch.


Let’s look at one more example. In this circumstance you have a track warrant with Work Between limits and the signal is red. In this example you meet one the exceptions in 9.17. Without PTC you would simply stop and enter at restricted speed with no 5 minute wait. If you have PTC, you must select your track, wait the 5 minutes for the red hash to go away, and then go. No need the operate the switch in this circumstance either. 


Hopefully this helps to clarify Davis Jct. and PTC. If you have any further questions, you’re welcome to ask me or one of the managers for clarification.