Denny D’s Did You Know (Safety Stops)

Did You Know there was a Superintendent Bulletin recently issued making a few changes to the safety stop requirement?


It is required when initiating a movement of 400 feet or greater to the following: 


• Making a coupling


•Moving through gates or doorways (notice that this does not specify only while shoving). A place that come to mind is Hillcrest.


•Shoving equipment to a spot


•Shoving to clearance point. 


The big change to requirement is the exception. The only exception is a safety stop is not required while making a coupling with light locomotives. As a side note, Safety Rule 81.13 only states that you cannot ride a car to a coupling. It does not say you cannot ride a locomotive to a coupling. Speaking from experience, when coupling to a locomotive, be sure that the air hose is not stuffed into the coupler. 


The switching exception is no longer in the bulletin.


I’m sure you have all read this by now, but   I thought a reminder would be helpful.