2.14.18 Meeting




Labadie Update - We will discuss the ongoing issue with Labadie at the next meeting, in short this is an issue that could result in the Labadie Trains coming out of the pool and forming a Labadie Pool in Jeff City or all of the business going to the GXB in Jeff City. Either way we do not want to lose the business from the pool. We will discuss this again at the next meeting in March, if you would like more understanding on the issues please attend.


In the meantime, if you are called on a Labadie train out of jeff city and Deadhead to Labadie then operate the train back to Jeff for a Deadhead home, DO NOT TIE UP at jeff city to be put back on duty for a Deadhead.  This just creates an additional counter on your turn which causes you to drop at home.


For the pay you simply double your miles and in the comments use the language:


"Called in Short Turnaround service out of the AFHT to deadhead to West Labadie then operate (Train Symbol) back to Jeff City, then deadhead to the home terminal, entitled to Two Trip Rates."


Under the arbitraries there is a selection for" additional trip rate / dog catch". USE THIS


This is a payment for two trip rates not a flip rate.


When you Tie up in St. Louis at the beginning of your tie up there is a question that ask what is your tie up location, use C 015 and this will ensure you are tied up at the home terminal and no additional counters are added to your turn.


Vehicle Audit in Jefferson City - Management in Jefferson City is going to perform a vehicle audit in Jeff in April, if you have a vehicle in Jeff City I would ensure it is Legal.


New Vice Local Chairman - Brother Jeffery Malone is going to serve out the remaining term as our 1st VLC, His contact information is below:


Jeffery Malone


[email protected]