Vacations 2018

Vacations for 2018 are in the system



Vacations 2018




All Salem Engineers fall under ZC252-ENG.




·         Singled out vacations will be allowed to be backfilled once used up to 3 slots in any given week but no more than the listed available slots.


·         Engineers will still be allowed to move their vacations +/- 3 days from the Monday that it is scheduled to start. You must contact CMS or use EAMS in order to do this.


  • There are plenty of extra weeks available on the ZC252-ENG vacation roster for those that wish to move a week. See “Allocations” under “Vacations” in CMTS for a list of openings. The vacation list is ZC252-ENG


·         Those requesting change can do so primarily by using CMTS and submitting a “Change Request” in the “Vacation Section”. Once submitted we will be allowed to approve the change in the system.


·         We will also take request via Email, Text, and Voicemail


  • Remember! First come, first serve basis! This will be determined by timestamps left on the applicable contact method. 






Primary contact


Shawn Morris




[email protected]




Secondary contact


Chad Black




[email protected]



If you belong to Division 42 or 442 you may also contact Mike Gurley or Mike Medlin.

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