Division Meeting Update


  • Pre-Approved PL Day Agreement

There have been a lot of misconceptions about this pilot agreement, first is the ability to just let days expire,  I will have this pilot agreement added to the Agreement page of the hub website. The language is clear in the under the parameters of the program #4 clearly states that failure to activate the day will result in the employee removed from the program and no longer have use of the pre-approved program for the duration of the pilot.


I understand there are issue like getting called to work before the ability to activate the day, this is not a failure to activate on your part. Likewise would not be a failure on your part to activate due to Federal Rest Requirements. However if you are in OK Status during the 32 hour window of activation. You are required to use the day or risk being pulled from the program.


The requirement to cancel the day 72 hours or more out is to allow another employee the ability to schedule the day 48 hours out.


If anyone has any further questions I urge you to discuss this with your Local Chairman.


  • 32.2.1 Securement of Locomotives

They have changed the requirements for the position of the Automatic Brake Valve when a unit is shutdown it must now be in Full Service.



1438.00 Raised for Everson from Rifle Raffle Winer of the raffle was the Wife of James Pedro.