Locomotive Daily Inspection Checklist

Brothers and Sisters,

The implementation of PSR on Union Pacific has caused a reduction in the mechanical forces that have historically done the required daily inspections on our locomotives.  The daily inspections are more frequently being done by our Locomotive Engineers that have not been trained to do the inspections. 

Our General Committee has created a checklist for our Locomotive Engineers to use when they have been instructed to do the daily inspections.  This checklist was created using the Air Brake and Train Handling Rules currently in effect, always verify there have been no changes to these rules.   

We are currently in the process of distributing the checklist to your BLET Local Chairman.

You will still file a basic day penalty claim for doing the locomotive inspection where there are mechanical forces on duty. 

Ronnie Rhodes

Engineer Training Board TE23/TE24


For those who are being assigned to an Engineers Training Board TE23/TE24, you will be paid at the Guaranteed Extra Board Rate.


Violations of FRA Regulations



  In response to President Pierces letter concerning:


             If a crew is ordered to exceed their permissible Hours of Service, they should avoid putting themselves in a position where they could be subject to charges of insubordination. Rather, the date and time the order was received, and the identity of the Carrier official giving the order, should be documented. All suspected Hours of Service violations should be reported, in writing, to the member's Division Legislative Representative, who will forward the reports to the applicable State Legislative Board Chairman for handling with FRA. The SLBCs for the states identified in the Carrier's initial waiver request are copied hereon for their information.

•             The same process should be used in the following circumstances:

o             when ordered to operate beyond their territorial qualifications;

o             when working with a pilot who is operating beyond their territorial qualifications; and

o             whenever ordered to omit a required brake test, or ordered to perform an alternate, less detailed brake test.


All WORKING Engineers are encouraged to take these notes, if required under the circumstances listed above and forward them to one of the respective Legislative Representatives below.


Missouri – Mike McGill – Email – [email protected] Cell – 573-421-0246  

Illinois – Victor Crivilare – Email – [email protected]  Cell – 217-663-2292


If you are unable to get ahold of one of the above Legislative Reps, feel free to send the information to me for further handling.


Brian Young – Email – [email protected]

Message from your GC


The BLET National has been in touch with the FRA Administrator in Washington, D.C. about a waiver to the current Federal HOS law.  The UP is requesting the HOS go from 12 hours to 16 hours.  The National thinks at this point the waiver will be granted.  
We have been in unsuccessful negotiations with the UP over the flood issues.  They were wanting us to agree to a guarantee on the pools that in our opinion had too many conditions.  We believe that, especially with the possibility they receive this waiver, that our Members would not draw a dime of guarantee.  The incentives that they offered were tied to an unattainable attendance requirement of no lay off for 30 days. 
We will try to keep you guys updated as this develops.  

Deadheading By Train

A situation that is happening more and more is Deadheading by train. If you are instructed to deadhead by train this is the claim language to use. Below that I have included the agreement language for you to review. 


I was instructed to deadhead (from location) to (end location) on (train id) at (DH time) at the time of this request there was no emergency or circumstance that would make vehicle transportation impossible.   


STL HUB Article IV Section B:

3. Transportation: When a crew is required to report for duty or is relieved from duty at a point other than the on and off duty points fixed for the service established hereunder, the Carrier shall authorize and provide suitable transportation for the crew.

NOTE: Suitable transportation includes Carrier owned or provided passenger carrying motor vehicles or taxi but excludes other forms of public transportation. 

STL HUB, Side Letter 4:

This has reference to our negotiations covering the Merger Implementing Agreement entered this date between the Union Pacific Railroad Company, Southern Pacific Lines and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. During these negotiations, the Organization expressed concern that engineers who expire on the Hours of Service Law would not be transported in a timely manner to the destination terminal.

This will confirm the advice given to you, i.e., that when an engineer ties up on the Hours of Service before reaching the objective terminal, the Carrier will make every reasonable effort to relieve subject engineer and transport him to the tie up point, expeditiously. The Carrier recognized the interests of the railroad and its engineers are best served when a train reaches the final terminal within the hours of service. In the event this does not occur, the Carrier is committed to relieving that engineer and providing transportation as soon as practical. It is understood that this commitment contemplates transportation in the form of passenger vehicle, and engineers shall not be transported to the tie-up point after Hours of Service tie-ups by means of train except in case of emergency or extraordinary circumstances which make providing a vehicle impossible.

Blueprint Sequence Claim

Basic Sequence 

A pool freight engineer arriving at the far terminal out of position will, upon arrival at the far terminal, be placed in the same relative position on the board as the engineer held at the home terminal. If the engineer cannot be returned to the proper position because the engineer has not received the necessary Hours of Service rest, the engineer will, upon arrival at the home terminal, be placed in the same relative position on the board as the engineer held at the home terminal at the start of the previous trip. Side Letter 26 St. Louis Hub Agreement


If called out of basic sequence claim 130 miles penalty account called out of proper sequence in the (Pool as example RE05).  I am assigned to turn (turn ID as example UP-01) which was called out of proper sequence on (date).  Describe event and include board standings, trans log of turns called on claim date and copy of basic sequence for the pool.  CMTS documents needed include Board Inquiry working and blue print, Job History and Snap Shot. 

2009 Hours of Service Relief

Attached is the 2009 HOS LOU, this file include the orginal 09 letter as well as an updated clarification from 2016. Please take the time to look it over. 


This lays out how turnaround and flip service should be preformed. 

File attachments: 
PDF icon 09 HOS Letter with updated LOU.pdf907.85 KB