Response from the BLET on the PROPOSED Attendance policy changes



   I have added a copy of the proposed policy changes for your review. 



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Attention Missouri Members

Please contact your Missouri State Representative and ask them to support Missouri HB 2229. This is a two person crew bill for the state of Missouri. Once you've contacted your Representative, please ask your family and friends to do the same. This Bill is about more than just railroad jobs. It's about the public's safety as well. We need to flood the Capital with requests to support and pass this Bill. If you need help with contacting your State Representative, feel free to reach out to me or any Division LR.

Labadie Trains



I just got updated on some information on Labadie, it appears that as of today they are going to have Westbound coal trains pick up a Labadie if one is ready. They are going to call another crew for the Labadie to assist in building the train.

When you arrive at Labadie, the crew is going to preform the linking and consist test on the “new” train, then link the Labadie DP to the head end. Besides the DP linking test the only test needed on the train is a Set and Release (Class III).

The Eastbound Doubled up trains, are going to begin getting broke up at Gasconade, you still need to perform a (Class I) on the rear train. The road alongside the track should help facilitate the linking and inspection process.


Broadcast message from Timekeeping


   Over the years there has been a lot of different instructions on Flipping and HOS from a Pool turn. This is how you should be claiming the work you preform. 

To all North Little Rock and St. Louis Hub Pool Engineers and Conductors:  This is being provided in order to assist employees in understanding how to submit their claim in the following scenarios:

Pool crews turned back to the home terminal after departing but short of the AFHT: Report your tie up back at the home terminal leaving your run miles at the default trip rate value then claim the additional trip rate due from the "avaiable claims screen."  Be sure your hours of service form reflects all trains worked and any deadheading. 

Pool crews who work to the AFHT should always tie up at the AFHT.  If you are sent home, call CMS or HDC to be placed on your trip home.

Pool crews who perform turn around service at the AFHT then deadheads home: Report your tie up at the home terminal leaving your run miles at the default trip rate value then claim the additional trip rate due from the "avaiable claims screen."  Be sure your hours of service form reflects all trains worked and any deadheading. 

Pool crews who are called to protect HOS relief / Turnaround and who take their turn with them (carry turn), report your actual miles for the assignment worked.   Be sure your hours of service form reflects all trains worked and any deadheading.  Submit a non-service claim 5D - CARRY TURN 2 TRIP RATES.  Do not try to claim the 2nd trip rate on your working timeslip. Timekeeping must pay the balance owed between your earnings and two trip rates as a separate payment.  Pool crews who are called to protect another assignment such as a local, TSE, yard job, etc. will be paid the earnings of the assignment worked and their regular job will show an OA vacancy.  If their turn is run, submit a non-service claim 6D - MAKE WHOLE and Timekeeping will pay the balance owed between the shove and the flat rate make whole. 

LP status.


   It has come to my attention that LP has been removed from the EAMS web layoff. 
  I am digging into this. I will let you know what I find out. 

Switch Flags


  Be on the lookout for Switch Flag test, every manger has to do 88 test for the month of January. You are more than likely going to be tested multiple times on the same train. 
Be on the lookout. 

Notice on Payment of Settlement

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Confirming Set and Centered

Safety Rule 81.5.4 

I put out a post on this before, and it is worth repeating due to a manager pointing this out during a recent observation.

It is important to pay attention to the wording on how Red Zone Protection is requested, confirmed, and released. There is a great number of us not doing it properly. 

The first sentence of establishing a Red Zone applies to an engineer or primary remote control operator only. The engineer must verify a set and centered before he can enter the red zone on a track with an occupied engine. No radio confirmation or whistle is signal required for the engineer to enter his own red zone.

The rest of the rule for requesting, confirming, and releasing applies to the other crew members. The conductor, switchman, brakeman, utility man, the RCO operator not in control of the box, etc...

The request can be done face to face, agreed upon hand signal, or over the radio. 

The engineer can only confirm set and centered by the radio or whistle signal if hand signal is used. It is important to note that it does not say face to face as an option. This is the part that managers are taking exception to.

Releasing the red zone can be cleared and confirmed via face to face job briefing , radio signal, or hand signal. 

It can be argued that if I can confirm the release completely face to face that I should be able to confirm set and centered via face to face. Unfortunately the rule is not written that way. Look for a change to come allowing this, but until then, I suggest complying with the process.

C 015 RE25 is back (STL - YC Via Pana)

The Bulletins should be posted today and run for five days. 

Action Alert

Please take a few minutes to read the attached notice and contact your Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC and ask them to support these pieces of legislation.  Additionally, we would like to ask that you ask your friends, family and nieghbors to also contact their members of Congress.  This is an issue that affects more than just us as railroad employees - it's a PUBLIC SAFETY issue as well.

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