Cell Phone Award - BAD NEWS

I have attached a letter from President Pierce along with award that was enclosed in the letter.
This is not a good decision for our Brothers and Sisters.  The award upholds discipline given a BNSF conductor for not reporting his engineer's use of an electronic device.  
We need to get this message out so our Members know that this is something that should be discussed during their pre-trip job briefing.  I do not agree with the award but this award changes the landscape of railroading.  We have never been held accountable for another employees action if we were not directly involved.  This award holds that we should "rat out" our fellow employee for violating a rule.  
Although I do not like this award, it does set precedence in the arbitration arena that we will have to live with unless another award, however unlikely, conflicts with this award.
Please post this award and inform our Members to make sure they understand the award and it's potential consequences.  
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Mileage Report 8/7

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The fight continues...

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Hotel Complaints



   I have been hearing about hotel complaints from all over the Service Unit. I would like to say that the best way to help get a hotel back in line or to begin the process of getting a new facility is DOCUMENTATION!


  I am attaching to this post a copy of a hotel complaint form. Use the form, it has all of the information needed to properly document issue with a facility. Once the form is filled out, simply take a picture with your phone and email or text it along with any other pictures you might have of the hotel situation to your Local Chairman. This is the fastest way to get a resolution to the problem. 



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