Rule 2.21

Rule 2.21 Electronic Devices Changes

I received this email from the Portland Service Unit. 

Good Afternoon Team,

Today we received the new SSI that will go into effect on May 2, 2016. In looking at the changes I found one that will impact us and our past practices.  Please review Rule 2.21 Electronic devises.  The major parts that you need to know about the change are as follows.  

Personal Electronic devices must be powered off with any ear piece removed from the ear, and properly stowed whileON DUTY.

After conducting a safety briefing with all crew members and agree the limited use of the device is safe to do so.  Cell phone can only be use for voice communication (no texting, social media, etc )

An operating employee may use an electronic device when:

1.        Deadheading in a non controlling unit or automobile.

2.        In a crew room to update rules or other documents specified in SSI Item 7-A or other required company provided electronic media only.

We used to be able to use a cell phone while on duty in a crew room.  The way the rules department has outlined rule 2.21 this will no longer be allowed.  When coming on duty your device must be stowed away and turned off.   We are communicating this change in an effort to spread the word as quickly as possible.  Should there be any updates or changes to this rule again in the coming weeks I will be sure to get them to you as well.  The service unit will be conducting a communication stand down in the coming weeks to help bring attention to this change as well.


I have talked to the head of rules in Omaha and this is the position that is being taken.  While in the crew room your are not allowed to text, play games, be on social media, surf the web, etc.  The second bullet on the email is the only time the cellphone can be utilized to the internet.  This can only happen after there is a job briefing with all crew members.  This rule is considered a critical rule and a violation will result in MAPS. 

Time Claims - UPDATE

Brothers and Sisters, 

    I would like to address the Where to Report Time Claims: 
For clarification, if you are told: 
Unless otherwise instructed report to Dupo. 
Unless otherwise instructed report to Dupo, Report to A&S (Alton and Southern) 
The General Chairman's officer has ruled that the carrier is living up to the agreement. 
However if you are told Report to CR000, ALS Crew room or anything else it is a valid claim. As well if you are not told where to report at all. This information you need to include in the language of your claims. Such as: 
I was called on duty for AASAM 27 on 05/30/16 for 12:35 at the time of call I was instructed to report to ALS Crew room. Per the language of the STL Hub Agreement I am to be notified to report to Dupo or A&S. 
As always if you do not understand the message report to your Default On Duty Location. 


Salem included in the Pre Aproved Layoff

As of June 1, all of the St. Louis hub will be included in the Pre Aprioved layoff Pilot. 


Any questions contact your Local Chairman. 



2.21 Changes

Brothers and Sisters, 

    I just got off the phone with Jason Taullie concerning the recent changes to 2.21 Electronic Devices. 
    The intent behind the of the changes make the crew room a "Sterile" environment. This is the main change for operating employees. From now on all electronic devices must be turned off and stowed when On Duty. Not complying with this change is considered a critical rule violation under MAPS. 
   The only exception to the rule is as follows: 
In a crew room to update rules or documents specified in SSI Item 7-A, or other required company provided electronic media only. 
   The way this reads you can not make a voice call from your personal cell phone, while in the crew room. 
   The example Jason used for the rule group "if a crew member was texting, while sitting at the picnic table in front of the yard office, would it be a critical violation? Yes it would"  
   Nothing else has changed with the rule as far as what you are allowed to do on the Locomotive or Deadheading. 
  This new change in the crew room is going to be an easy exception for the managers. Don't give this to them. Turn em off and keep them stowed...



There have been alot of questions concerning pilots. Here is the FRA insight.



File attachments: 

Switch Flag Test


Brothers and Sisters, 
     Attached is a PDF of the Switch Flag Test with pictures and infomation. 
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Surge in traffic

Brothers and Sisters, 


       For those who have not seen the email i just sent out. The recent flooding has caused subdivisions to shutdown on the southern region. 


      I recived a phone call this morning from the manpower desk in CMS, they are adding turns to the GXB in STL to protect the extra business. The rerouted traffic is going to hit the KC-STL route. We will monitor the milage closly and adjust accordingly. 



Vacation Settlement Award

Brothers and Sisters, 


  The attached award is hot off the press, this concerns the extension of your vacation by 48 hours on the end. 


This is your union in action for you! 



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Rule Trend's

Brothers and Sisters, 


   The following is what the management team is focusing on. 


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Training and Education

Brothers and Sisters,

We made a commitment at the GCA meeting to train our representatives.  I need any newly elected Local Chairman or Vice Local Chairman to sign up for the classes that will be held in Cleveland.  The GCA will pay delegate days, expensenes and travel to attend these meetings.  

It is very important that we get this training done so we will have the best representatives on the UP.

We are also training the S/T officers, we got a lot of those done in December but we still need to send a few.

We have a lot of younger Members getting interested in the Union, I love that.  If we stick together we can make some real changes.  

I am asking each of you to attend your Union meetings if you are in town and make your voices heard, if we don't know what the problem is we can't try to fix it, we may not always be successful but you can believe we will give it our best try.  

Only the Members can make the Union stronger, please take time to attend your meetings.

Ronnie Rhodes