Division 724

G4 to Jeff City traffic.

Locomotive Shutdown for terminating Salem trains

Got an email this moring. Managment wants trains that you yard that terminate at Salem for switching to have all units shut down when above 35 degrees. Ex ADESPJ, AGBSM, ASMSHJ, ADTSMJ (Q233). If the train is scheduled south of Salem leave at least the leader running to maintain air.

Salem-Villa Grove Flip

Engineers: When paid a "flip trip" rate Salem-Villa Grove you need to claim the 2 trip rates your entitled to due to turn service. Here's how.


Labor Day Bridge Curfew

There will be a 2 day curfew on the Chester Sub over labor day. for more information click here

Union Meeting Time and Location

Division 724 meeting held 2nd monday of month 7pm Marion County Savings Bank in Salem, IL.