Division 724

Camera Claims

Not been reciving many of these of late. They are simple to fill out. Do a non-service with the same date and time as the working slip, copy, change the required info, submit, and turn it into me.-Chad-



InwardFacing Camera Claim







Claim 1 days pay at the applicable rate forbeing required to operate a locomotive equipped with an inward-facing camera installed and intended to make a video record of in-cab crew activity, and thereby being subjected to the creation ofsuch videorecord.  I operated train (ZXXYY-22) with locomotive (UP 1234) from (circ-7 to circ7) on (date(s) 3/4/15-3/5/15)  Installation of these cameras is a violation of Article XVII Section 3 ofthe May 19,1986 Arbitration Award 458.




Please file claim under xx-claim not found. Print out timeslip once denied along with detailed copy of working trainslip showing engine numbers and turn into Local Chairman.


Board Changes

Good morning,    have built the below boards to move the St Louis North Pools to Dupo.     We anticipate starting to move the crews to the new boards around 0700-0800 Wednesday October 7.

1.   MX001 DE/DT21 - changed to C 015 DE/DT23
2.   MX001 RE/RT21 - changed to C 015 RE/RT23.     These boards have AFHT's of ZS127,  SM198 and ZB145.
3.   MX001 RE/RT22 - changed to C 015 RE/RT24      These boards have a AFHT of ZS042.
4.   MX001 TB/TC/TE/TT21 - changed to C 015 TB/TC/TE/TT23
5.   MX001 TB22 - changed to C 015 TB24
6.   MX001 ST25 - changed to C 015 ST23
7.   MX001 XT25 - changed to C 015 XT23
8.   MX001 WE/WT25 - changed to C 015 WE/WT23

Eric R. Mathis

Ft. Madison/Kansas City-St. Louis Issues

Brothers and Sisters,

I have received several calls and read various emails related to the Ft. Madison run and a supposed run from KC-StL and I will address those now.
Ft Madison:  It does appear from what we have seen that the Carrier is moving trains from the Ft. Madison run to other areas.  I have specifically asked the Carrier if their intention is to eliminate this run and have been told no.  I think the reality of the train movements speak for themselves, the UP wants to eliminate the payments to the BNSF.  We are looking into to our options at this time.
KC-St.L:  The Carrier has wanted this run for decades, and they mention it often but nothing has changed in the BLET's position and the BLET has not agreed to this run.
In Solidarity


Instructions for DG unit reporting

When reporting the use of DG units for power, there are two options for “requested by.” Those choices

are “Dispatcher” and “Crew.”


o  Dispatcher – Selecting this means the dispatch center contacted the train and requested that more power be added because they have decided to exempt the train from TPA requirements. Dispatcher will provide a control number that indicates the power addition was approved by train management.

§    The only reason to select is “Dispatcher – TPA exemption.”

§    Record dispatcher initials and the control number in the spaces provided.

§    There is no need to report DG units used on premium service trains operating under Form C bulletins voiding FCS and ordering all units on line. These trains are exempt from DG unit reporting.


o  Crew – Selecting this means that the crew has determined they needed to use a DG unit to avoid stalling on grade, and not for the purpose of operating faster than the speed maximum TPA would allow. Selecting “crew” means that a control number from dispatch is not required, since the crew has not added more EPA than the minimum required for maximum TPA limits – and the dispatcher has not contacted the train and requested added power. Reasons available to select are:

§    Avoid stalling – mechanical means that in the crew’s judgment, the train would have stalled on the ruling grade without using the DG unit because another unit had a mechanical failure. Report the DG unit used, and then the initial and number of the failed unit in comments and a brief description of the failure. Be sure to report defects when tying up as well.

§    Avoid stalling – tonnage means that more tonnage was added, increasing the TPA above the maximum, after the BC was generated. Indicate in comments what the actual tonnage was that required more power to avoid stalling on ruling grade, and where the tonnage was added. Use the provisions of ABTH

31.8.7 C to determine the minimum required EPA for the revised tonnage.

§    Avoid stalling – other is for other circumstances that require use of a DG unit for power in order to prevent stalling on grade. Explain the circumstances briefly in the comments section. Some examples would be:

  • ·    DG unit ended up being the leader,
  • ·    Instructed to hand off a unit to another train,
  • ·    Units shown on the BC are incorrect,
  • ·    Excessive wheel-slip at low speed on ruling grade, or
  • ·    Other events or conditions outside of engineer’s control.

§    Written instructions – means that there are written instructions, such as Superintendent’s Bulletins, that require using extra units in the locomotive consist for power.  Briefly describe the instructions in comments.

G4 to Jeff City traffic.

Locomotive Shutdown for terminating Salem trains

Got an email this moring. Managment wants trains that you yard that terminate at Salem for switching to have all units shut down when above 35 degrees. Ex ADESPJ, AGBSM, ASMSHJ, ADTSMJ (Q233). If the train is scheduled south of Salem leave at least the leader running to maintain air.

Salem-Villa Grove Flip

Engineers: When paid a "flip trip" rate Salem-Villa Grove you need to claim the 2 trip rates your entitled to due to turn service. Here's how.


Labor Day Bridge Curfew

There will be a 2 day curfew on the Chester Sub over labor day. for more information click here

Union Meeting Time and Location

Division 724 meeting held 2nd monday of month 7pm Marion County Savings Bank in Salem, IL.