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25 Mile Zone Maps

Here are the 25 mile zone maps for Salem, Dexter, and Villa Grove. They show terminal limits in green (no claim) 25 mile zone claims in red (4hrs) and run off seniority district in black. These are for thru freight pools only. If you are used beyond the zone in the black, please remember to obtain a copy of your timeslip and place in the BLET box.

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CMTS Vacation Change Request

Attatched is how to properly submit vacation changes in CMTS. 

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Vacations 2018

Vacations for 2018 are in the system



Vacations 2018




All Salem Engineers fall under ZC252-ENG.




·         Singled out vacations will be allowed to be backfilled once used up to 3 slots in any given week but no more than the listed available slots.


·         Engineers will still be allowed to move their vacations +/- 3 days from the Monday that it is scheduled to start. You must contact CMS or use EAMS in order to do this.


  • There are plenty of extra weeks available on the ZC252-ENG vacation roster for those that wish to move a week. See “Allocations” under “Vacations” in CMTS for a list of openings. The vacation list is ZC252-ENG


·         Those requesting change can do so primarily by using CMTS and submitting a “Change Request” in the “Vacation Section”. Once submitted we will be allowed to approve the change in the system.


·         We will also take request via Email, Text, and Voicemail


  • Remember! First come, first serve basis! This will be determined by timestamps left on the applicable contact method. 






Primary contact


Shawn Morris




[email protected]




Secondary contact


Chad Black




[email protected]



If you belong to Division 42 or 442 you may also contact Mike Gurley or Mike Medlin.

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Final Reminder

Final reminder! If you have not acted, 2018 Vacation request are due by Dec 1. Engineers may turn in to any Division mailbox.


Reminder Vacation Request Due Dec 1

Rest Extension Guide

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Run Arounds and Targeting

As a reminder those run around the initial terminal or targeted around when rested at the AFHT can call (508) 343-0855 and leave the requested details. I will then initiate a claim and make sure it is appealed.



Dexter Targeting



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