Division 724

Salem Locker Room

You might want to start emptying out lockers in the current depot. The new facility is supposed to be ready in the next week or so. I'm told when it's open the old depot starts to get gutted. If lockers are not emptied locks will be cut and contents moved to locker with corresponding number in new building. I will update when I know more.

Coozies are in! Hit up McBride or Black for some.

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Cheatsheets. I have no idea where they came from and don't accept any responsiblity for accuracy. Use at own risk. 

Info from the BLET Mobilization Team

Emergency Waiver Update 3

FRA Violation Info

Emergency Waiver Update 2

From President Pierce.


Emergency Waiver Update

Letter to membership from President Pierce,

Emergency Waiver (Flooding)

UP has applied (and from what I know been granted a temporary waiver for at least HOS). A copy of the petition is listed below in the attached file. I will post what they have been granted when I get that info. 


Salem Engineer 2019 Vacations

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