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Cheatsheets. I have no idea where they came from and don't accept any responsiblity for accuracy. Use at own risk. 

Info from the BLET Mobilization Team

Emergency Waiver Update 3

FRA Violation Info

Emergency Waiver Update 2

From President Pierce.


Emergency Waiver Update

Letter to membership from President Pierce,

Emergency Waiver (Flooding)

UP has applied (and from what I know been granted a temporary waiver for at least HOS). A copy of the petition is listed below in the attached file. I will post what they have been granted when I get that info. 


Salem Engineer 2019 Vacations

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Nominations to be taken at tonight's meeting:

QUALIFICATIONS TO NOMINATE OR SECOND FOR OFFICE In order to be eligible to nominate or second a candidate for office, a member must have been a member in good standing with the local division as of the end of the month prior to the nominating meeting. This means timely payment of dues as reflected in the remittance report for the division due in August 2018, or in the remittance report for the division due in September 2018 if it has been filed.

AT THE NOMINATION MEETING The president, under new business, says, “Brothers and Sisters, it is now time to nominate members to fill the division offices which will be vacant at the first meeting in January. Nominations are now in order for the office of _____________.” An active member in good standing may rise and after obtaining recognition of the chair may say, “I nominate Brother/Sister _________ for the office of __________.” To be valid, a nomination must also be seconded by an active member in good standing, who may say, “I second the nomination of Brother/Sister _________ for the office of __________.” If the nomination is not seconded orally, the president shall inquire of the secretary-treasurer whether any written nominations have been submitted for this member for the office and, if so, said written nomination shall serve as the second. After the nomination is duly seconded, the president shall inquire of the secretary-treasurer as to whether the nominee is eligible for election. After all active members have been given the opportunity to nominate the members of their choice, the president will then inquire of the secretary-treasurer whether any written nominations have been submitted for the office, with two written nominations being necessary to comply with the requirement that all nominations be seconded. The president then will say, “Brothers and Sisters, if there are no further nominations, we will now close the nominations for __________ and proceed to nominate candidates for the office of _________.” This procedure is to be followed for each office that is to be filled by election. If only one candidate is nominated and seconded for any office, that candidate is elected by acclamation. The president will say, “Brothers and Sisters, if there are no further nominations, I cast my vote for Brother/Sister _________ for the office of _________, and he/she is declared elected by acclamation.” It is important to note that even though ballots need not be mailed for members elected by acclamation, these members must maintain their continuous good standing until the election is held at the first regular meeting in December, and shall not be installed as Officers until the division’s first regular meeting in January. Those members unable to attend the nomination meeting on account of being on vacation, sick, working, or on outlying assignments may write in their choices of nomination to the division secretary-treasurer, who will read these nominations at the meeting. A member who is present may decline to accept a nomination at the time of being nominated, or may do so by submitting to the secretary-treasurer within five (5) days, a written request that his/ her name be taken off the ballot. After nominations are closed, an Election Committee of no less than three (3) non-candidate members shall be elected by a balloting of the members in attendance at the nominating meeting or by appointment of the president with the unanimous consent of the members present.
AFTER NOMINATING MEETING Within five (5) days, a member nominated in his/her absence shall be notified of such nomination by the secretarytreasurer, and given the opportunity to withdraw his/her name should he/ she desire to do so. At the conclusion of the nominating meeting in September, secretary-treasurers may report nominations online via UnionTrack, listing all candidates for all offices. In the event irregularities are claimed in the nomination of officers, protest must be filed in duplicate with the National President and the division secretary-treasurer within fifteen (15) days after alleged violation. The protest must set forth the exact nature and specifications of the alleged irregularity, including a claim as to how it affected the outcome of the nominations. The National President will conduct an investigation and render a decision. Any member dissatisfied with such decision may appeal such decision within thirty (30) days to the BLET Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.