Division 48




    To recap some of the discussions at today’s division meeting,



The long wait times at the Jeff City hotel should be easing, the Carrier has increased the number of guaranteed rooms per night at that facility, if this continues to be a problem please send me detailed examples.


Along the lines with the lodging, if there are any issues with any hotels, dirty rooms, water damage or anything unsanitary, document the issue with pictures and send them to me. The more documentation there is the more likely the chances of resolving the issues.

On Tuesday there was a Local Chairman meeting with the Supt. Discussed at that meeting:


There was an outlined presentation of the shift in operations of the Pine Bluff yard, the yard is still in service just no longer a hump yard. They are continuing to flat switch and use the property as a classification yard. This will cause some train symbols to change yet there is no shift in the workload on the northern end of the Service Unit.


The rumor mill has been putting out that Patriot Rail is taking over Lesperance St. not only is that false but beginning in the next day or two. The carrier plans to build outbound trains from Lesperance St. right now this is a southbound train to Poplar Bluff every other day. The Supt seems excited of the potential for shifting some cars from the A&S and blocking them at Lesperance St. to go south.


There was a lot of talk on the expectations of Conductors as it pertains to 6.31 Max Authorized Speed. I can not express that even 1 over is a violation of 6.31 and a coachable offence, if PTC causes an enforcement then you will be charges with a critical rule.


The Attendance Policy was discussed and the Supt, would not give a hard number, we as Local Chairman and some of the managers look at what causes an attendance letter and try to judge what triggers the action.  We seem to see the 5 Non Comp Layoffs and 2 weekends as the limit, yet we have seen some charged with 5 and 1.


Further Discussion on more rumors were discussed, such as UP purchasing Rose Lake and/or the B&O line to Salem that is all false.


They are beginning a capital project to expand the Dupo Yard, this is in the very early stages they have just budgeted the money for the initial surveying and planning. To begin with they are going to close the Carondelet Ave. crossing, move and expand the intermodal ramp out by the wye. This is early planning yet a sign there is no future to idle Dupo or any operations around St. Louis.  

Nomination Meeting Results

09.12.18 Nomination Meeting Results  


This was our nomination meeting for the upcoming term. All positions with only one name represented were elected by acclimation. The positions of Vice President and Legislative Rep were contested, we will have an election to fill those two spots.

President - Jim Pedro

Vice President – Steve Poole & Ed Granger

Secretary - Treasurer - Chris Hale

Alt S/T - Brad Meers

Guide – Jeff Moeckli

Chaplin - Alan Tinker

Delegate to ND - Brian Young

1st Alt - Jeff Malone

2nd Alt - Brad Meers

Legislative Rep – Matt Bonagurio & Steve Poole

Alt - Brian Young

Local Chairman - Brian Young

1st vice - Jeff Malone

2nd vice - Brad Meers

3rd vice - Phil Spinks

Trustee - Jeff Malone

Trustee - Phil Spinks

Trustee – Jeff Moeckli

1st Alt Trustee - Matt Bonagurio  

2nd Alt Trustee – Mike D Allen

3rd Alt Trustee - John Bullock Jr

2.14.18 Meeting




Labadie Update - We will discuss the ongoing issue with Labadie at the next meeting, in short this is an issue that could result in the Labadie Trains coming out of the pool and forming a Labadie Pool in Jeff City or all of the business going to the GXB in Jeff City. Either way we do not want to lose the business from the pool. We will discuss this again at the next meeting in March, if you would like more understanding on the issues please attend.


In the meantime, if you are called on a Labadie train out of jeff city and Deadhead to Labadie then operate the train back to Jeff for a Deadhead home, DO NOT TIE UP at jeff city to be put back on duty for a Deadhead.  This just creates an additional counter on your turn which causes you to drop at home.


For the pay you simply double your miles and in the comments use the language:


"Called in Short Turnaround service out of the AFHT to deadhead to West Labadie then operate (Train Symbol) back to Jeff City, then deadhead to the home terminal, entitled to Two Trip Rates."


Under the arbitraries there is a selection for" additional trip rate / dog catch". USE THIS


This is a payment for two trip rates not a flip rate.


When you Tie up in St. Louis at the beginning of your tie up there is a question that ask what is your tie up location, use C 015 and this will ensure you are tied up at the home terminal and no additional counters are added to your turn.


Vehicle Audit in Jefferson City - Management in Jefferson City is going to perform a vehicle audit in Jeff in April, if you have a vehicle in Jeff City I would ensure it is Legal.


New Vice Local Chairman - Brother Jeffery Malone is going to serve out the remaining term as our 1st VLC, His contact information is below:


Jeffery Malone


[email protected]





Meeting Time Change

The meeting time for regular division meetings has been tentatively changed from 10

a.m. to 11 a.m. In accordance with BLET bylaws, it has been tabled for one month to be

voted on at the next regular meeting in January 2018. If approved, the change will take

place starting with the regular meeting in February 2018.

October 17

Discussed the Voluntary Rest agreement and that abuse of the program will prompt an individual from further use of the program.


Discussion on the National Contract  and the changes to Health care and the FSA.


MOP Shake up Watts is moving to the north end and the Terminal, MOP Gillman is moving to the Jeff City Sub.



The New PPE ordering was discussed and there is a link on the top of the hub website to easily access the page. 

Division Meeting Update


  • Pre-Approved PL Day Agreement

There have been a lot of misconceptions about this pilot agreement, first is the ability to just let days expire,  I will have this pilot agreement added to the Agreement page of the hub website. The language is clear in the under the parameters of the program #4 clearly states that failure to activate the day will result in the employee removed from the program and no longer have use of the pre-approved program for the duration of the pilot.


I understand there are issue like getting called to work before the ability to activate the day, this is not a failure to activate on your part. Likewise would not be a failure on your part to activate due to Federal Rest Requirements. However if you are in OK Status during the 32 hour window of activation. You are required to use the day or risk being pulled from the program.


The requirement to cancel the day 72 hours or more out is to allow another employee the ability to schedule the day 48 hours out.


If anyone has any further questions I urge you to discuss this with your Local Chairman.


  • 32.2.1 Securement of Locomotives

They have changed the requirements for the position of the Automatic Brake Valve when a unit is shutdown it must now be in Full Service.



1438.00 Raised for Everson from Rifle Raffle Winer of the raffle was the Wife of James Pedro. 

Division Meeting 10AM, 2ND Wednesday

Teamsters Local 6 Hall
3650 Wisconsin Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118