Curfew Wire 09/22/18

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We are pleased to announce that now through October 31st, 2018, we are holding the annual BLET UP Central Region Open Enrollment to allow any existing or new members to get enrolled in guaranteed approved voluntary Life/AD&D, Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability coverages.  Please forward this email to all of your members to help spread the word. 


Members can visit or call our office at 224.770.5316 for additional policy information and to enroll.


If a member already has coverage and does not want to change anything, no action is required to maintain their current coverage.  There are no rate or benefit changes as your plan is still under rate guarantee.


Even though this enrollment is open until the end of October, we are encouraging members to not wait until the last weeks to enroll because of the high end of enrollment call volume that we anticipate.


I have attached a flyer for you to post as well as a detailed rate sheet for your plan.  If you would like hard copies of the flyers mailed to you please respond to this email with the number you would like and where to send.


Lastly, the following are additional coverages that are in open enrollment for members and/or families:

  • MetLife On-The-Job (Part B) Short Term Disability- $375 weekly benefit
  • Aflac Accident Insurance
  • Aflac Critical Illness Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care


Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support!


Emily Kirschbaum

Enrollment Coordinator


Cornerstone Benefits Management

22333 Classic Court

Lake Barrington, IL 60010

E: [email protected]

P: 847-387-3555

F: 815-425-5349

Top Tested Rules in August

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20 More Borrow outs

I just got notified that 20 more borrow outs are comming rfom KC they are to be here on Thursday the 30th. They will beging qualifying trips and get marked up as soon as possible. 



Denny D’s Did You Know GCOR 1.47.2

With all of the new hires, borrow outs, and FIT’s out here I thought that a reminder of GCOR 1.47.2 would be appropriate. 


GCOR 1.47.2 Training and Familiarization 


Employees assigned to a position for the purpose of training or familiarization must be under the direct and immediate supervision of a qualified employee at all times. The qualified employee must closely monitor the employee's performance and must be in a position to take immediate action as necessary. Any employee requiring certification must have a current certificate in his possession.


The part that I wanted to focus on is the first two sentences of the rule. Notice that this applies not only to new hires assigned to you, but also someone assigned to the job for familiarization. This could be someone you are piloting or conductor on the AWRR board working with you. For example, if you have a borrow out working with you as a COT to learn the territory, you cannot use him a brakeman or send him up on the lead by himself to line switches. Even though he he his fully certified and may even have a lot of time on the railroad, more than you possibly, by this rule he must be under your direct supervision and you must be in a position to take immediate action as necessary.


Many of the students I taught I now get the pleasure of working with. Some of them are even now my boss. Whenever I see or here of them doing a good job I have a great sense of personal pride in seeing them succeed. With that said remember what it was like when you started out here. Have patience with the new hires and FITs, take the time to teach them. Your career, livelihood, and safety may very well be in that persons hands tomorrow. 


Denny D’s Did You Know

Safety Stops and Locomotives


Did you know that a safety stop is not required when making a coupling with light locomotives. 


The safety stop requirement is in Superintendent Bulletin 37 - Train Handling and Switching. I’ve heard people say it’s only not required if it’s just one locomotive. The exception says that a safety stop is not required when operating light locomotives to a coupling. Notice that locomotive exception is plural.


It is also permissible to ride a locomotive to a coupling. Safety Rule 81.13 says not to ride “cars” to a coupling. The first part of the rule says that local instructions may be issued requiring a stop before a coupling is made, and employees riding locomotives to dismount prior to coupling. Our local instruction requires a safety stop with cars only and does not require you to be on the ground when making a coupling with a locomotive.


I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding of the safety stop requirement. 


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Denny D’s Did You Know - Detectors

Did You Know that there is a requirement when a train defect that transmit on entry and then again only if there is a defect, actually transmits “no defect?” Although this not considered a detector failure, you must report it to the dispatcher.

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Trip Rate Make Whole Rate Increases

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RE: Vacancy procedures within the St. Louis HUB

We have updated the Vacancy Procedures as they apply to the St. Louis Hub.  Attached are the updated and corrected procedures. Hopefully this update will eliminate the dropped turns issue along with crew’s being forced to work assignments they are not required to work.


There has been no agreement change, these procedures take the agreement into its intended practice. These will become effective July 23rd.


In the past the agreements were not being complied with and forced the various Local Chairman to protect such work by imposing restrictions on Stepping up. With the changes being implemented with the carrier we no longer have a need to impose those penalties.


Please note that if you are the junior person in the pool in “ok” status you can be forced to step up to fill a vacancy, if no senior person wishes to pick up the extra work.


If there are any questions, feel free to contact your Local Chairman.



Brian Young

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