Shoving Moves



   In the past few weeks, our district has experienced several shoving incidents. The increase in these events have caused derailments and damage to Locomotives, luckily none of our Brothers or Sisters have been hurt. With this increase, we are going to be tested and observed on our shoving moves for the next 60 days.   

Vacation 2021

Brothers and Sisters,


It is that time of the year again, I would like to begin by reminding everyone that Craft Lock-in date is still November 15. On this day your craft will be assigned.


I would like everyone to remember that we are scheduling vacations the same way across all Divisions. The first split of your first choice will be honored and the remainder of your request will be set aside until all other requests are handled.


Vacation request are due by the 1st of December.


Attached is a pdf form for you to fill out and place in a Division box, you may also email your request to your local chairman or to the vacation grouping email. If you choose the latter I URGE YOU to remember to include your NAME EMPLOYEE ID AND A PHONE NUMBER.


There is no need to submit multiple requests to different chairman, we schedule vacations together.  Just one request to your Chairman or the Chairman over the Division your working is all that’s needed.


Last year it was requested to make the form "Fillable" so that you can fill the form out on your phone or tablet and email it to your Local Chairman. That has been done for your convenience.


The blank PDF as well at the fillable form version will be attached to this email as well as on the hub website.


Any request placed into CMTS will not be accepted. Those who do not submit a request will be scheduled last.


Any questions, please contact your Local Chairman. 




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HP Update



   I have been asked to clarify a few things with HP status and COVID Quarantine.


Per the UP Notice sent out in March, which can be found on the UP Web Site:


The only way you can be compensated is if you are quarantined by a local health department personal or UP HMS Personal because you worked with a coworker who tested positive with COVID.


You are only able to collect the 14 day payment one time, you are not able to at this time to receive payment if you are quarantined multiple times.


When you are quarantined or placed into HP status. CMS DOES NOT receive any notification of your status change. We are monitoring the boards as best we can to backfill these positions. If you are only going to be HP for a few days reach out to the Local Chairman over that Division and let them know.


Likewise when you markup, CMS DOES NOT get any notification of your status change. When you are placed into OK status and you have been placed on the bump board the time UP HMS puts you into OK status is when your 48 hours begins. Do not let it run out. 


If there are any questions feel free to contact myself or your local chairman.





HP status

Brothers and Sisters, 


      Iam sure you are all aware of the increased HP Layoffs, we are losing 3 to 4 people a day in the St. Louis district. CMS does not get notified if you go into HP nor when you mark up. The medical dept will not tell us or CMS if the HP layoff is for 3 days or two weeks. We are going to try our best to monitor the boards and backfill where possible. 

If you have any questions call your Local Chairman. 



IBT Election Plan Summary

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Jeff City hotel change

  As of today the 10th at 1400, we are no longer staying at the travel lodge in Jeff City. 
The new facility is the Capital Plaza, this is a temporary move until a permanent facility is found. 
Hallcon is going to be providing transportation to and from the Depot the number for the van will be posted in the yard office at jeff city. 
The van will take you to get something to eat, as there are no 24-hour facilities near the hotel. I would also note that not all of the rooms at the Captial Plaza are equipped with Microwaves and Refrigerators. 
The hotel does not have access to the HMS system, they do not know when we are called or arriving, it is important that you sign in and out. 
I will keep everyone updated on the status of a permanent facility. 

KCS Tex-Mex

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 28 — A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has vacated Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approval of the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCSR) certification program under which locomotive engineers employed by a contractor of Kansas City Southern de México (“KCSM”) have been permitted to operate over Texas Mexican Railway (Tex-Mex) tracks in the United States since July 10, 2018. Under the decision, the matter has been remanded to FRA “either to ‘offer a fuller explanation of the agency’s reasoning at the time of the agency action,’ or to ‘deal with the problem afresh by taking new agency action.’”

This ruling followed a challenge by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) and the Transportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers (“SMART–TD”) to the Agency’s actions in approving the certification program.

The Court agreed with the unions’ position, holding that FRA “fail[ed] to provide a reasoned explanation for its approval of the materially altered engineer certification program administered by one of the railroads.” The Court further held that KCSM was under a statutory and regulatory obligation to have its own engineer certification program, which requirements FRA failed to enforce, finding that:

“By virtue of the Railroad Administration’s passive approval system and the complete absence of any accompanying explanation for the agency’s approval of [KCSR’s] modified engineer certification program, the administrative record is devoid of any explanation or reasoning for the administrative steps taken and legal determinations made by the agency in approving the engineer certification program. Likewise, in searching the administrative record for the rationale by which the agency allowed [KCSR] to certify the engineers of another railroad, despite the former’s apparent lack of control over [KCSM’s] crew members, we come up empty-handed. And in a hunt for the reason that service under a foreign regulatory system was credited to allow an abbreviated certification program, we hear only crickets.

* * *

“… what we confront in this case is a total explanatory void. There is no reason—not one word—in the administrative record for the Railroad Administration’s material and consequential decision making on important matters of railroad safety. Not even [KCSR’s] certification program itself, as submitted to the agency, provides an explanation for the relevant determinations that the Agency presumably reached.”

However, the Court declined to rule on several other objections made by the unions that related to conductor certification, transfer of the air brake testing waiver in place for northbound trains, and inadequacy of hours-of-service recordkeeping, finding that there had been no final agency action so the Court lacked jurisdiction to address these objections. In doing so, the Court acknowledged FRA’s “shadowy and unwritten processes make it difficult for aggrieved parties to navigate the … jurisdictional constraints.”

BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce and SMART–TD President Jeremy R. Ferguson applauded the decision. “We congratulate the Court for exposing just how much FRA has become captive to the railroad industry,” the Presidents said. “This is a significant victory for Tex-Mex crewmembers, but is just one skirmish in the war to preserve well-paying American jobs. We also thank all the counsel who worked so hard on this case, especially Special Counsel Kathy Krieger for an outstanding job.”

# # #

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen represents nearly 58,000 professional locomotive engineers and trainmen throughout the United States. The BLET is the founding member of the Rail Conference, International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The SMART Transportation Division is comprised of approximately 125,000 active and retired members of the former United Transportation Union, who work in a variety of crafts in the transportation industry.

Attendance Appeals


Our BLET Central Region Committee of Adjustments (GCA) has sought court action since the implementation of UP’s latest Attendance Policy effective 3/1/20 based on a point system per layoff.


We are also asking for your individual help while the court action is being progressed. We need you to go into your Attendance Monitor and print off your 90-day snapshot. Once printed, include your employee ID on the document, you need to get this information to me. The best way will be to drop off it off in our Division box at Dupo, email it to me as an attachment at [email protected].


Once the information is received, the GCA will appeal to UP Labor Relations each of the layoff occurrences that led to points being assessed. Also, in the future, if you have a layoff that leads to points, print that 90-day snapshot that shows the latest layoff and forward it to me so that can also be appealed in a timely fashion. I also need any documentation if you have previously gone into the Attendance Monitor and appealed assessed points and received a reply from UP.


I am attaching a document to show you how to pull this report. 



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