Alan Tinker


   Brother Alan Tinker passed away last night, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. He will be deeply missed by all of us. 
Visitation is Monday the 30th 11 - 2 with the services to follow. 


Brian Young 

Notice of Election

Open link to find the find the notice of election. This notic explains who can vote and how to vote, etc.  


Ronnie Rhodes

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Candidates Forum

Please open link to see informatioin about a candidates forum to be held Septmeber 1, 2021

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    I just wanted to make sure that anyone who carries BRCF, read your email from them and/or USPS mailings. They are no longer deducting premiums directly from your check. You need to set up a withdrawal form. 
Here is a link with more information. 

Swapping Trains

With some of the recent actions by the Pine Bluff Corridor Managers, I wanted to clarify the issues of swapping trains on line of road.

When you are called and have not departed the terminal, there is no issue with being swapped.

The scenarios we are seeing are that the organization takes exception to are:

1.     1.  

After departing the terminal and the Dispatcher or Corridor Manager instruct you to pull up alongside another train and swap, regardless of the reason.

2.    2. 

Your train has reached the final terminal/destination and the crew was instructed to take charge of another train and yard/deliver that additional train (i.e., Labadie or Iron Mountain).

3.    3. 

The crew is instructed to tie their train down on line of road and get in a van, and deadhead either direction on the line to take another train on to the destination.

In each of these situations, a claim should be filed for an HOS – Work not in connection with your assignment (Claim Language Below). Additionally, if your trip falls into scenarios 2 or 3, you need to immediately gather the details and email them to your Local Chairman for additional handling. You still need to file a claim in all three instances.

For these claims to be valid, there needs to be rested crews on either the protecting extra board and/or the regular pool at either the home or away from home terminal. If there is a crew rested at either location, these are good claims.

When you encounter these situations, the documentation needed would be the BU of your train and the additional train you took charge of, a snapshot showing the rested crews, and an accurate FRA report filled by you.


Claim Language-

Claiming a basic day’s pay account being instructed by MANGER or DISPATCHERS NAME to swap/Tie my train down at LOCATION and take charge of TRAIN and deliver it to LOCATION.


Claiming a basic day’s pay account being instructed by MANGER or DISPATCHERS NAME to take charge of TRAIN at LOCATION after reaching the destination terminal of TRAIN. 

Hub Meeting follow up

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) -  A member of our Hub came to me with a letter he received from our insurance carrier that his adult child was dropped from the Vision and Dental portion of his insurance. He also explained to me that his adult child is no longer a full-time student. Upon research and contacting the National Division, we learned this is correct. Under the ACA, the Dental and Vision plans were not modified. Therefore, they are still under the "old" definition of Dependents. Which is coverage up to age 19 then from age 19 - 25, but only if they are full-time students and can prove as such.


P2P - For those who are not familiar, this is a new program the UP is rolling out. It has not made it to STL. However, if you look under the EQMS portion of your portal, you will see a create P2P event and a review portion. This program has many unknowns, and until we have the program rolled out and explained to us, we are not participating.


Dexter Crew Change - They will now allow crew change at the depot. Look for more instructions on this. As it appears for now, if the outbound crew is on duty and ready, you can pull down to the depot.


UTV at Dupo - I have spoken with Doug Garton on using the UTV, and his position is that they are only to be used by Yard Crews for Yard Service work. They are not to be used by road crews nor for transporting road crews. If this happens, let me know so I can follow up.


Leakage Test On Distributed Power Trains


Did you know that when a leakage test is required on a distributed power train, the automated leakage test function is still required.


Prior to the new System Special Instructions being issued, a general order was issued removing the leakage test from Rule 33.7.3. With the new SSI, it is still gone from this rule. The leakage test was only removed from the set up process when linking up. 33.7.8 is the process for setting up the lead unit on DP train. Step 17 used to be the leakage test and was removed. Therefore the leakage test is no longer required during the linking process.


The chart in Rule 30.10.1 shows when a leakage test is required.


Remember, a leakage test is not required when performing a transfer train air brake test.


The obvious time a leakage test is required is when a Class 1 or Class 1A is required on your train or when a Class 1 is required on cars being added to your train. A leakage test is also required is when your cars have been given a Class 1 using a yard air test plant. One place this is done is at the Alton and Southern. While the cars connected to yard air, the carman has a valve that can be used to apply and release the brakes without the use of a locomotive. When you put your engine on, all you then have to do is an application and release and one of the required leakage test from 30.11.2.


Rule 30.11.2 list the three different types of required leakage test.


Part A is the Air Flow Method, which is preferred. This is if you have the proper gauge.


Part B is the old style 3 minute process when you lack an air flow meter or do not have the proper type.


Part C is the part I wanted to draw your attention to. It states that the DP system’s automated brake pipe leakage function must be performed on DP trains.


In summary, the automated brake pipe leakage function was removed from the set up process when linking up the DPU.  It is still required to be used when a leakage test is required when you have a DP train.

ESPP - Employee Stock Purchase Program


   Attached is a memorandum agreement on the stock purchase program. 
I would have you note this is not a negotiated agreement, this is a package that was presented to the board of directors and passed to distribute to the employees if they choose to "buy-in" to the company. 
There was some language added to make it "legal" for agreement employees to have access to the program. 
If you choose to participate READ AND UNDERSTAND the attached document. Again this was not negotiated, this was a take it or leave it agreement. 



  At this time there are several claims we should be filling, the attached PDF has multiple documents combined to explain each issue in more detail. 
  • Deadheading by train
  • Board regulation claims for the Regular Pool and the Extra Boards 
  • Wait time claims 
  • Interchange and work not in connection with your assignment 
  • Claim on the Supt Bulletin on Engineers driving themselves 
The new claim in this is related to the Supt Bulletin, This claim should be filed every start you make. 
If you have any questions on the claims process or how to turn these in please let me know. 
Brian Young 
Vice General Chairman - St. Louis Hub 
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Targeting Claims Settlement

Brothers and Sisters, please see attached settlement for Targeting Claims and the HAHT associated therewith.


Ronnie Rhodes


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