HOS Violations


   It has come to my attention in the past 24 hours there have been at least two cases of crews being told to violate the HOS and continue working past 12 hours. 
  If you are instructed to violate the HOS document it appropriately on your tie-up along with the company officer that instructed you to keep working. 
I would then like for you to send me a copy of the tie-up with an explanation of what work you performed past the 12 hour limit for our records. 

Work Events


   I am including a snapshot of Supt Bulletin Titled General Information Section K. 
The third paragraph states that no one regardless of title has the authority to change the transportation plan. 
This means that if the corridor or dispatcher tells you to highball a pickup or set out, you the crew are required to get authority from a field manager. The Corridor or Dispatcher no longer has the ability to do so without field manager approval. 
Moving forward if there is work on your train and you are told to highball the work, ask the Dispatcher or Corridor for the initials of the field manager that approved this action. 
If this is not done you can be charged with 1.13 failure to comply. 
This is a recent change I just want everyone to be aware of the situation, we have already had one crew charged.

EOT Repeaters

There has been confusion and lack of information about EOT repeaters used in DP consist. If these are not set up properly it will result in comm loss or failure to ARM.


Brief Summary:


Built in=Enter EOT number

Red = Flip toggle switch to repeat and enter EOT number

Blue = Enter all Zero's/Do Not enter EOT number



First, all of the C45AH/C44ACM (refurb) 2011 and newer GE engines have no separate box and the EOT/Repeater system is built in.



To program the DP to repeat simply enter the EOT code into the screen and hit COM test. Do Not Arm (Arm head end only).


For all other AC44/AC44CTE/SD70ACE locomotives there are 2 types of repeater boxes.


First is the RED Quantum box:



The red box requires that you flip the switch at the bottom to "REPEAT". Also you will need to input the EOT number in the screen and enter. Arm the head end only, not the repeater.


The last is the BLUE Box: